Welcome to EquiPop 

EquiPop is a software-program developed for the calculation of k-nearest neighbourhoods/contexts. The software is specifically designed to work with datasets that contain thousands or millions of observations and offers viable solutions to Knn questions also where large areas and complex geographies are involved. This website functions as the official EquiPop platform for downloads, tutorials and xtra-materials.

In the figure above, mapped results show shares of individuals categorized as Hispanics in the greater New York area, shares of wealthy individuals in Greater Stockholm, distribution of visible minorities in various parts of Sweden as well as super-local patterns of average age. Results are shown for k-nearest neighbourhoods constituting the nearest 51 200, nearest 6 400 and nearest 12 800 neighbours surrounding each residential block (US) and coordinate (SWEDEN). This means that more than a million observations and more than 50 000 neighbours have been used to calculate nearest neighbour contexts in some of the analyses.

A small hint about what will come in the future. By integrating EquiPop with place-specific data on infrastructure or obstacles (user defined), EquiPop will become more responsive to local geographical features...

EquiPop has now been installed by users in 25 countries.